Interior and exterior doors

                                                                       A hand carved oak drawer front now mounted over a doorway.

 Traditional stlye ledged and braced door with strap hinges to a bathroom,finished in varnish.Scribed to fit door surround of oak timbers salvaged from a cow byre. 

       This service door to an outhouse is from softwood with varnish.

The timber from these double oak  doors came from some oak flooring that had to be dismantled for safety purposes.They are mortice and tenon panel doors with an oak surround salvaged from a cow byre and railway sleeper lintel.

This bedroom door  is all from reclaimed oak the  panels from a cider barrel and the frame from an outhouse ceiling timber. Handle taken from previous door.

This little oak door on an outbuilding  in the garden is made in the traditional french style  to replace the rotten one that was previously there. It is finished in linseed oil.

    These insecure cellar doors originally in sawn softwood were replaced by solid oak ledged and braced doors set in an oak frame with a 5 lever            morticed deadlock for improved security. They were finished in varnish.

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