General Carpentry

  Timber and metal studwork.

 Windowseat in english Elm in newly built house. At this stage having only been treated for wood worm.

    Small oak window frame and windowsill from salvaged oak plank.

                                      Attic staircase relocated for customer and given timber safety surround which was then plasterboarded.

Fitted pine airing cupboards in an attic bedroom prior to having metal grille fronts fitted and bookcase beside.

In the opposite picture are salvaged stripped oak doors making a fitted hall cupboard set in a solid oak surround.

The cladding on this gable end had spoiled and has been removed to reveal original oak A frame and exsposed insulation. After treating the old frame a new timber sub frame was put in and a layer of insulating weatherproof membrane. Then a layer of polystyrene insulation and a further membrane before cladding in shiplap and finishing with preservative.

                                This field shelter is made from a softwood frame clad in rustic pine planks for a more naturally asthetic finish.

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